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Gold bonnet- and head cloth woman
Unterach am Attersee

The gold bonnet women Unterach imagine In 1971, the gold bonnet group by the former chairwoman Maria Rettenbacher and Barbara Eden Eicher was re-established as a deputy, since 1977, the group at the Association of Local and traditional folk club Salzkammergut. The...

Sports Club Unterach am Attersee
Unterach am Attersee

The sports club Unterach was founded in 1948 and currently has about 620 members. There are guided 4 sections:      Ski - Elisabeth concealed Hieke      Tennis - Mag. Engelbert Hufnagl      Innebandy -...

Costume music group Unterach am Attersee
Unterach am Attersee

As is known from oral tradition, the first band Unterachs was in the years 1850 - established in 1855.

Costume Club DÀdlerstoana
Unterach am Attersee

The costumes D'Adlerstoana club was founded in 1956. The costume and gun club D'Adlerstoana maintain the traditions of the Salzkammergut. The folk dance group Plattler group, youth group, brass band "D'Adlerstoana-Tanzlmusi" are an important part in the cultural...

YCU - Yacht Club Unterach
Unterach am Attersee

The Yacht Club Unterach YCU was founded on April 3, 2009 by 14 yacht sports enthusiasts initiators and entered in the Register from 4.5.2009 by decision. he primary objective of YCU is the promotion of boating on Lake Attersee and in particular in Unterach....

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