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Kirche Scharnstein

The church of the holy abbott Berthold

Church of St. Lorenz
St. Lorenz am Mondsee

The St. Lorenz church is close to the "Drachenwand" of dragonwall mountain face. It is late roman in origin and was first documented in 1384. It was originally a wooden church but assumed its current form in 1732 when it was blessed by the bishop of Passau. 52 years...

St. Nikola's Church
Haibach ob der Donau

This small church was built by a count from Inzell in 1155. It is consecrated to St. Nicholas, the patron of sailors.

Saint Stephen's Church in Schönering

According to documents dating back to 833, the parish church is a symbol of Christianization in central Europe. In the interior of the Gothic Saint Stephen's Church a marvelous rib vault can be found. The 700 year old lime tree in front of the church has always...

Church at Stroheim

The Church at Stroheim was erected around the year 1235 by Count Johann I of Schaunberg, Knight of Johanniter Order. It´s only natural that he dedicated the Church to St. John the Baptist and made it a subsidiary church to the Maltese Order Commanderie of Mailberg,...

Saint Vitus' Church
Taufkirchen an der Trattnach

The affiliated church at Hehenberg is a superb example of Gothic architecture and is dedicated to Saint Vitus. When Emperor Joseph II decreed a new organization of the parishes he demanded the demolition of this Church. Fortunately the building was saved by the...

Guided Church Tour of the parish church of Windischgarsten

The parish church of St. Jakob Windischgarsten was consecrated on August 14, 1462. It has undergone many changes over the centuries. Most recently there was a major interior renovation in 1992 and in 2019 the entire steeple helmet had to be replaced. Particularly...

Guided Church Tour of the 'Pyhrn Cathedral'
Spital am Pyhrn

In 1190 Bishop Otto II of Bamberg founded the Pyhrn hospital. In 1418 the hospital was converted into a collegiate church for a male secular choir. And so the culural development began – with the construction of the collegiate church in Spital am Pyhrn, significant...


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St. Koloman's church
Tiefgraben am Mondsee

The St. Koloman's church is the oldest wooden church in Austria. close to the summit of 1.114m high Kolomansberg lies the only complete wooden church in Austria. It is assumed that this site was formerly a place of worship in the Dark Age. Close to the church is the...

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