Familienausflug im Sommer auf die Schaunburg, Donauregion. Mama und Papa schlendern gemütlich durch das Burgtor während die beiden Söhne vor ihnen um die Wette laufen.
Upper Austria

Monasteries, cloisters and churches in Upper Austria

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The Kapuzinerkirche (former parish church of St. Matthias) is located in the center of Linz in Upper Austria.


The Roman Catholic Carmelite Church in Linz is located directly on the Linzer Landstraße. J.M. Pruner was involved in the building of this church (1674-1726), which is modelled after the Josefskirche in Prague. There are altar pictures by Carlo Carlone, Martin...

Catholic Church Bad Goisern
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

The church of St. Martin in Bad Goisern is very famous for its altar baroque stil. ​ It is believed that the church of St. Martin in the 8th and 9 Century, was therefore born in altbayrisch - Frankish times . The church of St. Martin was first mentioned in the...

Catholic Church Gosau

The Roman Catholic parish church of Gosau is located in the centre of the municipality of Gosau in the district of Gmunden in Upper Austria. It is dedicated to Saint Sebastian and belongs to the pastoral care room of Bad Goisern in the deanery of Bad Ischl. The...

St. Agatha's Catholic Church
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

The church in St. Agatha is an integral part of the Catholic parish in Bad Goisern. In earlier times, St. Agatha's had aspirations  to become an independent place. So it is not surprising that there is a second Catholic church in Bad Goisern. A special feature...

Catholic Church St. Konrad in Abersee
Abersee/St. Gilgen

catholic church

Catholic Church Strobl

St. Sigismund Catholic Church Originally, Strobl belonged to the Parish of Thalgau. In March 1757, two farmers asked the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg if the people could have a church of their own. Prince-Archbishop Sigismund, Earl of Schrattenbach gave his...

Catholic Church, Obertraun

Catholic church The catholic church in Obertraun is picturesquely situated

Catholic Parish Church

Katholic Parish Church Catholic service in the parish church Gallspach on Saturdays at 18:00 o'clock and on Sundays at 7:30 o'clock and at 9:30 o'clock; at working-days evening fair

Parish Church
Wallern an der Trattnach

Catholic Parish Church First mentioned in 815. Rebuilt in 1981, designed by Franz Zemann. Special highlights: windows painted by Franz Kohler, high altar, tabernacle designed by Peter Demmel, crucifix dating back to the 15th century, tower section with 2 gravestones...

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