Familienausflug im Sommer auf die Schaunburg, Donauregion. Mama und Papa schlendern gemütlich durch das Burgtor während die beiden Söhne vor ihnen um die Wette laufen.
Upper Austria

Monasteries, cloisters and churches in Upper Austria

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Kalvarienberg and Kalvarienberg Church
Pfarrkirchen bei Bad Hall

Built in 1848 under P. Placidus Hall, Priest of Pfarrkirchen. At that time, the abbot of Kremsmünster was Thomas Mittendorfer. Frescoes showing the mortal fear of Christ, the Entombment of Christ and the crucifixion group give this church expression. The reliefs of...

Kalvarienberg chapel Neukirchen

In 1881 Heinrich Becker acquired a plot of land to built a chapel. The purchase price paid Franz Pesendorfer, he built the chapel from its own funds, which was blessed on the 6th August 1882. In 1952, the chapel had to be urgently renovated. As the church was still...

Mount Calvary Church

In the years 1715 and 1716, the Kalvarienberg church of Welser Wolfgang Grinzenberger was erected on a hill above the ruins of the former Roman wall, according to plans by the master architect Johann Michael Prunner. For further information, please contact:...

Calvary Church
St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut

You´ll get further information in the priest's office in St. Wolfgang.

Kalvarienberg church Altmünster

This was built by the parish priest Josef Stadler from 1844-1846 on a Gmundnerberg upstream of the moraine. The reason the couple put Reisenberger free of charge. The inauguration took place 1846th. The ravages of time and storm damage required a general...

Calvary, Bad Ischl Ischl
Bad Ischl

Cultural and Sacral Place Mountain church the location of which was chosen in consideration of geomantic factors, built on a water vein around 1704. Besides of the Calvary Church in Traunkirchen it is the Salzkammergut’s second oldest mountain church.

Calvary church Gmunden

Built in 1813 instead of 1819 demolished chapel. Inside there are 4 large station pictures Cajetan Rabl and cross group

Church on the Kalvarienberg in Hallstatt

The small and romantic church on the mountain About 24000 larch timbers were needed to repair the church on the Kalvarienberg which was in danger of collapse. The arched roof was restored a few years ago and resembles the original. The church dates back to 1711, and...

Church at the Kalvarienberg in Gosau

Visit this wonderful, pink chapel at the small mountain Kalvarienberg. After expert inhabitants of Gosau discovered an energy field between the two church buildings, a small chapel was built on this square in 1775. The founders are the two salt production...

Capuchin abbey/convent Gmunden

The monastery was built in Gmunden according to the wishes of its founder, Emperor Ferdinand II as a base for the evangelization of the Salzkammergut. Anton Spindler, abbot of Carsten, presented on 5 October 1636 the foundation stone for the church and monastery,...

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