Familienausflug im Sommer auf die Schaunburg, Donauregion. Mama und Papa schlendern gemütlich durch das Burgtor während die beiden Söhne vor ihnen um die Wette laufen.
Upper Austria

Monasteries, cloisters and churches in Upper Austria

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Friedenskirche Linz - Church Christkönig

The parish church of Christkönig Linz, also known as church of peace Linz, is located in the district Urfahr. Architects for the construction included Hans Feichtlbauer Peter Behrens and Alexander Popp. In 1952 the church was raised to the parish church. In the...

St. Ägidius Graveyard Church
Haag am Hausruck

Gothic-style church dating back to the 12th century

Cemetery church of St. Leonhard to Spital am Pyhrn
Spital am Pyhrn

The St. Leonhard church is located on the outskirts of Spital am Pyhrn. The overall picture of the original Gothic St. Leonhard's Church is a mixed of four styles. The history of this church leads us into the mysteries of ancient times. According to tradition, is on...

St Georg's Church at Hollerberg

Evidence suggests that Hollersberg was a place of worship as early as in pre-Christian times. The small church is easily accessible via a short forest trail and makes an oasis of peace and recreation. St Georg´s first appeared in historical documents in 1378. Its...

Gallery of the Stained Glass Studio at Schlierbach Monastery

The Art of Reverse Painting on Glass Take a guided tour and get insights into this rare and elaborate craft. The Stained Glass Studio of Schlierbach Monastery is a modern creative enterprise with traditional roots. It is just as renowned for its innovative...

Gnadenbrunnen Adlwang

Adlwang is the oldest Marian pilgrimage site in Upper Austria and was first mentioned in documents in 1330. The pilgrimage church "Our Lady of Sorrows" is a huge building of late-gothic architecture and attracts pilgrims from all over Austria. They come to visit the...

Gnadenkirche Rosenau
Seewalchen am Attersee

The Gnadenkirche has its origins in the last years of and after the Second World War. A small group of Upper Austrian protestants were joined by many protestant refugees, mainly from Transylvania, but also Danube Swabians, etc. In 1955 a farmer from Seewalchner...

Sacred Heart Church

Herz Jesu Kirche – Sacred Heart of Jesus Church   In the years 1905 to 1911, the “Herz Jesu Church” was built in Romanesque style with two prominent facade towers on the west. It was built on the initiative of the Welser pastor Josef Flotzinger in order to...

Johannesberg with Johannesberg chapel

The " Odinstein ", today " Johannesberg ", is an ancient and sacred hill. The date of the founding of the " Johannesbergkapelle" ( Chapel ) is uncertain but is mentioned in a document in the year 1356. In Jesuit Chronicles from 1651 there are entries regarding an...

Kalvarienberg with Kalvarienberg chapels

There are also chapel's on " Kalvarienberg " ( Calvary ), another hill which lies close to the centre of the Village. It is reached by climbing a series of stone steps, laid 1739, which lead past four smaller prayer chapels. The main chapel was finished in 1699 and...

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