Familienausflug im Sommer auf die Schaunburg, Donauregion. Mama und Papa schlendern gemütlich durch das Burgtor während die beiden Söhne vor ihnen um die Wette laufen.
Upper Austria

Monasteries, cloisters and churches in Upper Austria

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Church in Buchberg
Seewalchen am Attersee

The church in the village of Buchberg Seewalchen dates from the 16th century. The church has one nave, pilaster, cross vaults and stucco frames at the choir termination date from the period of 1720-30. The altar with baroque pieces (from the parish church...

Church in Kemating
Seewalchen am Attersee

dedicated to St. Michael This late-gothic country church building dates back to the 15th century and is charmingly situated amidst fields. The altar is of neo-gothic style and was erected in 1903, the former baroque onion dome was replaced by a neo-gothic pyramidal...

Loibichl church
Innerschwand am Mondsee

The church in Loibichl is antlered to St. Joseph and was built after WW2 to honor the veterans and those who lost their life. ​ Coming from Mondsee, immediately after the Volksschule on the left, a street leads to a sacral round building with a little turret in the...

succursal church
Innerschwand am Mondsee

The succursal church, devoted to Saint Joseph, is also a remembrance place for those who fell in the first and second worldwar. It is the youngest church in the area. Many volunteered to help Building the church, since they were very greatful that they had returned...

Subsidiary Church St. Blasien with Sexton House

Subsidiary of the rococo church in Pfarrkirchen. According to records this church was built in 1348. Today’s late-gothic interior has ribbed vaults with hexagonal rhombus stars. The six restored glass windows, the baroque altar and the drainage tiles (from the river...

succursal church St Lorenz
St. Lorenz am Mondsee

Why and when the church was built is unknown. There are no stories or fairy tails About it. The church is first mentioned in a Protokoll in the yer 1486 Building started as early 1726 and was finished in 1730. The three marmor altars were made by Georg Doppler from...

Church of St. Nicola

You´ll find the tiny Church of St. Nicola some three kilometers out from the village center of Pram. The most noticeable and striking feature of this tiny Church is the Baroque high altar with a painting of Saint Nicolas. The splendid Baroque Church is especially...

Fischerkanzel at the church

According to documentary evidence, the "Trunseo" abbey was already in existence by 632 A.D. Benedictine nuns from Erin convent in Salzburg came to Traunkirchen in 1020. In 1622 Jesuits from Passau took the convent over and the magnificent baroque church was...

Franz Jägerstätter Memorial
St. Radegund

Franz Jägestätter became a national hero! Franz Jägerstätter was born on the 20th of July, 1907 in Radegund. He lived in poverty together with his grandmother who taught him the religious principles of life. As he refused to do his military service during World War...

Protestant Parish Church

Protestant Parish Church Church service: Sun 10:45 am A - 4702 Wallern an der Trattnach, Kirchenplatz 1 Phone: 07249/48130

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