Familienausflug im Sommer auf die Schaunburg, Donauregion. Mama und Papa schlendern gemütlich durch das Burgtor während die beiden Söhne vor ihnen um die Wette laufen.
Upper Austria

Monasteries, cloisters and churches in Upper Austria

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Pilgrimage church Maria Auleiten

The still popular pilgrimage "Maria Auleiten" is located on the ancient Roman road that once led from Mösendorf via Frankenmarkt and Pöndorf to Straßwalchen.

Pilgrimage Church of Maria Bründl

The tiny Pilgrimage Church of Maria Bründl was erected in ornamental Baroque style in the years 1719 to 1722. A small tree-lined road links the village of Raab with the formerly popular place of pilgrimage. The Chapel of Grace, the Rosary Staircase, the Pilgrimage...

Hilfberg Church
Tiefgraben am Mondsee

The pilgrimage church on the Hilfberg mountain dominates over the Mondsee bay from its spectacular location. The Hilfbergkirche at the Hilfberg can be reached in a few minutes from the market square of Mondsee and is also often visited for weddings and baptisms....

St Mary's of Scharten

In the center of Scharten the Pilgrimage Church building is a central focus for visitors to the village. Unfortunately nothing is known about the exact date of the Church´s foundation on this site, however, a church in Scharten appeared in historical documents for...

pilgramige church Mariahilf
Tiefgraben am Mondsee

The pilgramige church Mariahilf was originally called Ulrichs chapel, which was renovated in 1449 in the gothic stile by abbot Simon Reuchlin. The spanish war and it slowly creeping up on the Mondseeland (1702) made the abbot Amadeus Göbl pray to the holy Mary....

Pilgrimage Church of Ruprechtshofen

The Baroque façades are dating back to the years 1754-1758. As legend has it, Bishop Rupert of Worms on his missionary journey took a rest in Ruprechtshofen in the year 718. He discovered a Roman place of worship and suggested to build a church in the same place.

Pilgrimage church 'St. Valentin' in Haselbach
Braunau am Inn

The church St. Valentin was the most popular pilgrimage church of the former Augustinian convent of canons of Ranshofen. The structure originated essentially in the 15th century. The vestry of baroque style arose in the 17th century. The strict gothic external...

Pilgrimage Church of St. Wolfgang
St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut

Pilgrimage Church of St. Wolfgang with important cultic stone sanctuary

Wallfahrtskirche St. Wolfgang am Stein

Once a much visited pilgrimage site is picturesquely located in a clearing between Aigen-Schlägl and Peilstein. Already in 1430 a wooden chapel was mentioned for the first time. Abbot Martin Greysing had both the Schlägl Abbey and this pilgrimage church renovated in...

Wilhering Cistercian Abbey and Church

The 850 year old Cistercian Abbey ranks among Wilhering's most important characteristics. In 1146 the Cistercian Abbey was founded by Ulrich von Cholo, a foundation that influenced both the cultural and spiritual life of the entire region. The Abbey was a well-known...

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