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mountain Church Klaus
Klaus an der Pyhrnbahn

In the early Baroque, Roman Catholic Church Mountain Klaus the annual "Summer of Music Klaus" takes place, which is one of the smallest music festival in Austria. 1616-1618 The mountain church Klaus is built as a Protestant church by Ludwig von Storch above the...

Community Hospital Church
Braunau am Inn

This jewel of late gothic architecture was jointly constructed with the right-angle community hospital complex for the town's underprivileged people in the 17th century. The church shows high spiked closed windows and a high roof. In its interior you can admire the...

Christuskirche Church

After the tolerance patent of Josef II (1781) had been declared, a protestant congregation was established in Wels. In 1784 the emperor allocated the St. Georg’s chapel to the protestants. The Church of Crist was built between 1849 and 1852, according to the...

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary´s Church

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary´s Church creates a typically Upper Austrian scene of a church on a hilltop, which was originally surrounded by a graveyard. The three-bay nave that is divided by pillars was erected in the Baroque era. Like most churches the...

Protestant Parish Church
Wallern an der Trattnach

Protestant Parish Church Rebuilt in 1851. Going back to the town´s first protestant church (built in 1784) during the classicistic period.


The effigy of the holy trinity was build in the 18th century in behalf of abbot Maximilian Pagl. Abbot Maximilian Pagl comissioned in 1714 the building of the Trinity CHurch Stadl-Paura. it was finished in 1725 and since then embodys the catholic Metaphore...

Braunau am Inn

About hundred years after the first dissolution of their monastery at the Linzerstraße the Capuchin Monks returned back to Braunau in 1893 and built at the Ringstraße a new church with an adjoining convent. The church was renewed in 1968 and the nicely restored...

Former Hospital Church

Originally built for the former Bürgerspital in 1498, this church was also destroyd in 1809 an in the years thereafter was used as a blacksmith's shop. aving been extensively restored n 1961, it now hauses a hotel. The portal with its red marble mouldings and relief...

European Monastery Aich
St. Gilgen

The monks of the European Monastery Aich in St. Gilgen invite you to visit. The newly founded Benedictine monastery (1993) lies on an old pilgrim’s path between Mondsee and St. Wolfgang, in the hamlet of Winkl of the village of St. Gilgen. Visit of the monastery,...

evangelic church Gmunden

The evagelic church is coining the "Traundorf" since 1876. The church is made of reddish limestone. The interior decoration is made of slavonish oak. The artist Andräe from Dresden painted the altarpiece. In the Reformation a big part of the population in Gmunden...

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