Eine dreiköpfige Familie beim Wandern zum Brunnsteiner See in der Ferienregion Pyhrn-Priel.
Upper Austria

Castles and ruins in Upper Austria

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Visit the brewery Schloss Eggenberg in Vorchdorf in the Almtal valley in the Salzkammergut! For more than 600 years beer has been brewed at “Schloss Eggenberg“. Discover Upper Austria’s biggest private brewery, let our brewing master introduce you to the art of beer...


The visitor gains an insight into life in a medieval castle and into the history of the Counts of Clam who have been living in their castle for over 550 years. The tour starts in the Romanesque 3-storied inner court yard. Through the pharmacy, the gothic chapel,...

Bad Kreuzen

The castle, which was built in 900 AD now is a arts centre showing exhibits of the artist's association Donauland Strudengau. From teh tower you have a magnificent view of the Danube valley, the Machland and the Alps. The castle also houses a restaurant with beer...


Piberstein castle is a spacious complex built around a solid rock. A sprawling and irregular complex. Around a rock, the core of the castle was built, the irregular Palas pushes with two sides of the grown rock and encloses a small courtyard with arbors. An open...


Pürnstein Fortress, towering high above the valley, was built in the late 10th century. The name of both - the castle and the settlement - derives from the Birchenstainer Dynasty, one of countless noble families who have owned the castle over the centuries. ......

Pfarrkirchen im Mühlkreis

The regiment was first mentioned documental in 1140, when it was in the possession of Lord Falchenstain. After the house became extinct, Falkenstein got to the Witigons in 1227. Through Falkenstein, Charloch von Falkenstein founded the abbey of Schlägl. The Castle...


The Tannberg Stronghold in Ruins occupies a dramatic position high above the village, jutting out over Kleine Mühl River at the base of a precipitous cliff. The Castle was probably erected by Walther de Tannenberch around 1190. Unfortunately, the Stronghold´s...


The hamlet of Winden sprawls on a ridge east of Schwertberg. Windegg Castle´s first appearance in recorded history was in the year 1208. The Windegg Castle in Ruins is one of the largest castles in lower Mühlviertel Region and covers 1,042m². The Castle probably...


These ball-shaped sand stone spheres originate from the flysch main field (geology) and were found in 2003 in the river Sulzbach near the "Emsenhub". Some were dug out of the stream and used as decoration in gardens. One such stone can be found by the sexton house...


An approx. 50cm long cairn stone with grooves in the surface and a hole which a "hand" can fit into. A relict of >>Fertility and women’s culture<<, The symbolic origin, the opening of a vagina, has been given responsibility for the fulfilment of the desire to have...

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